Men should be treated this Valentine’s Day!

There are tons of articles on the internet that provide gift ideas for your male significant other. However, there is one that stands out for us. An article written by Kait Smith shows a fascinating infographic with some Valentine’s Day statistics of which this is the most striking:  “45% of men and only 19% of women think that men should also be spoiled on Valentine’s Day.” These numbers ought to change, and more women need to recognize the need to treat their partners. After all, “there is nothing a man wants more than to be wanted! What better way to show it than on Valentine’s Day!”

But how can we actually show our affection? A research conducted by Serenata Flowers, a UK based flower retailer, recommends us to “forget about extravagant gifts and give our loved ones flowers instead.” More than 1,100 people were asked whether they would sleep with someone who sent them flowers on Valentine’s.  “Men and women responded similarly, with 34% of women and 36% of men saying they would."

"People often think they need to give huge, expensive gifts, if they want to spark a little romance in the bedroom, but this just isn't true. In fact, many people find things like fine dining or vacations frustrating, uncomfortable and inconvenient. We found flowers do the trick wonderfully. We were also happy to discover that men are just as happy about receiving flowers for Valentine's Day as women are. This really breaks the misconception people often have about giving men flowers," explained Peter Ahl, Managing Director for Serenata Flowers.

 So, let’s break the stereotypes and misconceptions, and treat our male partners this Valentine’s Day!

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